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When it comes to your health as you approach retirement, it’s good to have options

At the center of Aliera’s PrimaCare™ Senior program is the Direct Primary Care Medical Home model of care. We modified this simple, but effective, model of care on a national basis to encompass multiple disciplines across a wide variety of care issues. We apply systems, science, incentives, and information to improve medical practice, engage consumers and their support system in a collaborative process, and manage medical conditions more effectively.

The goal of our care management is to achieve an optimal level of wellness and improve coordination of care while providing cost-effective, non-duplicative services.


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Offerings of PrimaCare Senior

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Primary care is at the core of an Aliera PrimaCare Senior Plan. We consider it a key step in getting and staying healthy. Aliera Healthcare's direct primary care solution for seniors is the most flexible benefit platform on the market today, allowing members the opportunity to select from the wide range of offerings available in preparation for retirement.

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  • Check IconTelemedicine
  • Check IconPrimary care
  • Check IconUrgent care
  • Check IconLabs & diagnostics
  • Check IconX-rays at urgent care
  • Check IconChronic maintenance at primary care
  • Check IconPediatrics
  • Check IconOB/GYN services
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  • Plan Options

    PrimaCare Senior

    PrimaCare Senior's basic plan is best-suited for those who are generally healthy, do not have chronic conditions that require ongoing care, and make infrequent visits to their primary care physician.

    Plans starting from: $117

    PrimaCare Senior Premium

    PrimaCare Senior's Premium plan offers cost-sharing for those who make regular visits to a primary care doctor, or require maintenance of chronic conditions at a primary care physician.

    Plans starting from: $157

    These Plans are NOT comprehensive health insurance and do NOT include hospitalization or certain other offerings.

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    Download the PrimaCare Senior Brochure

    Download the brochure

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